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Pest Removal Services in Pocatello, ID

Moxie Pest Control's mission is to increase the standard of living and the quality of life for clients, employees and the community through safe and dependable pest control service. That is why our services are complete and results guaranteed.
Moxie's Pest Protection Service begins with a licensed technician providing a full inspection of your residence and property. We identify the source of all problem areas during the inspection as well as potential pest hiding spots. Your technician will create a customized treatment plan for your specific target pests year-round, using the most effective and environmentally conscious pest control solutions.
Pest Treatment in Pocatello, ID - Moxie Pest Control

Exterior Service

Establishing an exterior barrier is essential for keeping outdoor pests from invading your home. To apply an effective barrier, we use the following four-step process:
  1. Using a 50-gallon power sprayer, we spray 2 feet up and 3 feet out from the perimeter of your home. This powerful application kills nesting pests and deters outside pests from approaching.
  2. Plants, shrubs, and flowerbeds are a favorite habitat of pests. We target these areas with the necessary products to eliminate these problems.
  3. Voles, mice, gophers, and other rodents can invade your yard and become a terrible nuisance, potentially destroying the beauty and character of your landscaping. As part of a well-balanced application, we thoroughly search your yard and treat for any uninvited guests.
  4. Spiders, wasps, and hornets often take up lodging in the eaves or attic of your home. No pest control service is complete without treating and sweeping the eaves to dislodge hornet/wasp nests and to eliminate spiders.

Interior Service

Our ultimate goal is to protect the interior of your residence. Our three-part interior treatment helps keep pests outside where they belong.
  1. Our fine-mist baseboard treatment provides a solid interior barrier against stray pests that may have found a way inside.
  2. Our wall void injections fill wall cavities, such as the open area behind kitchen and bathroom sinks, with a fine dust that eliminates pests from one of their favorite indoor nesting spots.
  3. Our technician searches for evidence of mice, ant, or roach infestations, which require advanced treatment. If a problem is discovered, the proper treatment is applied to bring these infestations under control.

Our Pest Treatment Service Explained


Anti-Bug Barrier:

Establish a barrier 2 ft. up and 3 ft. out from the home


Identify and prevent specific household pests, if needed

Wall Injection:

Flush out adult pests from wall voids

Crack and Crevice:

Flush out adult pests from exterior cracks and crevices

Spot Treatment:

Identify & prevent potential pest problems in the yard


Establish a barrier around the perimeter of the home

Web/Nest Removal:

Cleans webs, wasp nests, and egg sacks down from eaves and overhangs

Precision Treatment:

Establish barriers at entry points and migration paths

Entry Points:

Pests need only 1/64 of an inch to enter your home
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